Learn How to Transform Your Drum Mixes to Sound Clean, Punchy, and Professional.





In part one, you will learn how to create a brand new session and prepare it for the mixing phase. I will show you how to import the raw files, organize the tracks, and optimize the interface for efficiency. We will also tackle tricky issues with phase coherency and gain management, then get a preliminary mix going through panning and balance.


In part two, you will learn powerful processing techniques to shape and refine the sound. This is where we utilize essential tools like compression, EQ, saturation, and reverb to make the drums come to life. I will show you how to leverage the drum bus to make global changes to the entire mix, and how to process each channel individually.


In part three, you will learn how to put the finishing touches on the session and finalize it for exporting. I will show you how to target the optimal volume level and achieve maximal loudness through limiting and metering. Lastly, we will end the session by exporting the mix where I show you the best settings for bouncing to a high quality stereo file.

"I really dig this course and have found it extremely helpful in mixing my own projects. It is laid out in such a clear, logical way and I am getting excellent results following your approach to compression and EQ. I use this course as a reference for every new mixing session I do now. I can't thank you enough!"

Andrew W.




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✓ Drum Mixing Masterclass

Personal Mix Critique

Private Skype Consultation




✓ Drum Mixing Masterclass

✓ Personal Mix Critique

Private Skype Consultation




✓ Drum Mixing Masterclass

✓ Personal Mix Critique

✓ Private Skype Consultation


All courses come with a risk free 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your results, just let me know what isn't working for you and a full refund will be issued with no questions asked. It's that simple. 



When you choose the PRO or VIP package, you get the opportunity to receive one personalized critique of your mix directly from me.

After practicing and applying the techniques yourself, you can send me an audio file of your mix in WAV or MP3 format.

I will listen to your mix and write a detailed critique, giving you specific feedback to help you further improve and refine your sound.

This option is highly recommended to maximize your results. 

When you choose the VIP package, you also get the opportunity to interact with me directly through a 60-minute, 1-on-1 Skype call. 

This time is devoted to answering any questions you may have, discussing challenges you face, or just chatting about whatever topics your are interested in. 

You can schedule the call at any point in time through an automated scheduler to choose the date and time that works best for you.

This is the best option for those who want the most value possible.

Logic Pro X is my preferred DAW and I highly recommend it for most people, but it is not required for this course.

If you use Pro Tools, Studio One, Cubase, or any other modern DAW, you can replicate everything I demonstrate but the process may be a little different so you will need to adapt accordingly.

Third party plugins are not required, though I do occasionally use some throughout the course.

Many of these plugins are free for you to download and use yourself, but some are paid.

These plugins can easily be replaced by stock plugins in your DAW though, so please don't feel like it is necessary to use the exact plugins I use. 

After completing your purchase and creating your account, you will be taken directly to your Library where you can immediately access and watch the course.

If you choose the PRO or VIP packages, you will receive a separate email with more detailed instructions for the included options.

I look forward to seeing you inside!


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