Join Me as I Take You Through The Entire Drum Tuning Process and Show You The Tools, Techniques, and Methods You Need to Achieve a Great Sound.



Topics We'll Cover

Tools and Drumheads

I'll show you some of my favorite tools I like to use to help with the tuning process and discuss different drumhead options and good choices for each part of the kit. 

Kick and Snare

I'll show you how to get a solid, punchy kick sound and take you through my simple snare tuning method to consistenly achieve a great sound that works well in a variety of situtations.

Toms and Intervals

The trickiest part of tuning in my opinion... I'll show you how to get your toms to sing and how to achieve accurate intervals between them to create a cohesive, musical sound. 

Course Outline


1| Introduction
2| Useful Tools
3| Drumheads
4| Kick Drum
5| Wood Snare
6| Metal Snare
7| Rack Toms
8| Floor Toms

75 Minutes

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